Little Love
1993 - 2009

Love was the rascal. She would bite, holler spontaneously, bat at anything should could reach while being carried, and was adorably intense all the while. She once woke Eilien up by sticking her paw in Eilien's mouth, and she once woke me up by biting the back of my calf. She chewed a whole in Eilien's sweat pants one night at the dinner table, and on a different night, got her head stuck in the same table and needed to be rescued before she hung herself. She once sneaked out the window onto the roof, and spent the whole rest of the day feeling smug about her adventure. She once bit into a gravity fed water dish, just to watch the water run out onto the floor.

She was also a sweetheart. She was the only one of her siblings that wasn't terrified of strangers, or even of the vacuum cleaner. She liked to play in water, and didn't run away when hit with the spray bottle (she did glare back, though). Everyone that knew her looked forward to seeing her. She was the only “lap kitty” of the crew, and liked to be carried, even on my back or shoulder. She slept on top of me whenever she could. When she was just a few weeks old, she was the first of the four to purr at the sight of me, and that's how she got her name.

She had a few health problems, mostly to do with her liver, and she was twice operated on to remove stones from her bladder. Towards the end, she was weak and skinny, and a week after she recovered from a bout of kennel cough, I found her expired in her sleeping spot of choice those days, apparently having passed quietly in her sleep.

She will be forever missed. Her star burnt most brightly, and finally consumed itself on 12 January 2009.