Tom's Wishlist
Some Guiding Principles
  • Less is More - I already have way too much stuff and I have trouble managing it, so any sort of gift that doesn't add to the pile is a special sort of gift. Consumable things, experiences, physically small tokens of your friendship are much more meaningful and appreciated than voluminous expressions of you generosity.
  • My Favorite Categories - I like angling motif items, music or literature that you'd like to share, photos of yourself or mutual friends, and anything you'd have special reason to believe I'd think was cool.
  • Things to Avoid - I think I finally have enough drinking vessels and I'm not properly using or displaying most of the ones I have. So I'm retiring that theme. I'd like to avoid living gifts. Scented products run the risk of triggering Eilien's vasomotor rhynitis.
  • Size Information - For clothing and such ...
    • T-shirts and sweatshirts: XLT or XXL
    • Real Shirts: 17.5 x 36
    • Pants: 38x32
    • Jackets: 46 tall
    • Ties: long
    • Hats: 7 3/4 or XXL
    • Boxers: XXL or XL (flannel is great)
    • Shoes: 13 for normal stuff and 14 for "thick sock" applications
    • Favorite colors: muted greens, blues, and browns
Some Specific Ideas
  • Check out my Amazon wish list
  • Silly flannel boxer shorts
  • Outdoor themed lap throws